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Originally Posted by coores14 View Post
well, no. If it was the date that I was thinking of, he wouldn't have known before 6pm the night before. Trust me.
On the same token, though, his kids probably wouldn't have been running trips the next day, either, so...but it's a moot point because the dates don't match. In your situation, yes, more than likely he could've given you notice.
He said that he had paperwork to do over his wife's deal. We got the whole story. I feel sorry for the guy and kids for what happened, but all of a sudden you have paperwork to do for something that happened 4 or 5 months ago? I'm just saying that it was very unprofessional and I highly doubt this paperwork popped up Sunday night. If so, I'm sorry for assuming, but I'm not sorry for being annoyed with the whole situation.