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Originally Posted by coores14 View Post
no worries. I just wanted to determine how recent this was because if your dates matched the dates that I'm thinking of, he would've had a VERY good reason to not be able to make it on the trip.

Otherwise, sending the kids isn't a good move. I'd have been upset as well.

Many moons ago I ran charters for a short time under another captain on his second boat. His second boat paled in comparison to the main boat, yet he'd often pull the bait and switch. He'd book them, then when they show up to fish with him on his boat they find out that they're actually going with me on a different boat. I wasn't nearly as good nor was the boat nearly as good. I always felt horrible for them and it played a role in me deciding that chartering wasn't my thang. I feel for ya.
He may have had a good reason for it, but I'm sure that he knew about the reason way before 6PM the night before. And it would also have been nice to know the full details on our new captain and mate. Also, if I'm not getting the captain that I agreed on, it should have been discounted. It's like ordering a Ferrari to be built and when you go to pick it up, they try to give you a fiero at the same price. It's still a red "sports" car that drives, what's the big deal?
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