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Originally Posted by Nickdee View Post
If your that good you should only what's right. I have my own boat so I don't charter much. But I know a few guys come that take pride in what they do . Keep a good boat and have good equipment and know how to rig and set things up.
There moor guys that do charge a lot to go fishing don't use the right stuff can't tie the right knots . Don't know how to properly rig the equipment. Use the rod they get a discount on instead of the right one . I see this a lot and that includes some of the captions the others on this sight recommend. I not saying they can't catch fish but how much better it can be if they did it right
The only time that I use a charter is for the Tortugas, I don't feel like putting in the time or burning the fuel required to find all of the good spots to fish.