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Originally Posted by jheiii View Post
Sounds like a horrible experience, mind sharing who it was so no one else suffers the same experience? After seeing that kid pass out on the AP and not find his traps, I'd either tell him move over and just captain it ourselves... probably saved tracks or markers in that plotter anyways lmao or take her back in, dispute the charter on whatever card was used. Grab our boat, a ton of beer, spend the money saved making a bait guy's day on the water cleaning him out of live bait and go catch some fish.
Yeah, we all started tying our own rigs after watching the 12 year old tie hooks on to blatantly frayed lines. It was funny, I was tying snell knots on my hooks and neither of the boys knew what kind of knot it was nor how to tie it. I stayed in Marathon with my family after the trip and between my wife and 3 girls aged 8-12, we caught more bottom fish than the charter in one day. Albeit, the fish were smaller, but I actually know how to set up a drift and use proper weight for depth. I'm not sure I want to share the charter name until I here a few more responses in my favor. I just want to make sure I'm not being a whiney baby with over the top expectations.
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