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Originally Posted by cphilip View Post
..................I'm not a Chrysler fan as you'll probably pick up on by now. But in fact all new motors seem to have a break issues don't they? I too miss the old 4.0. I'm on those forums myself. .............
I have had an XJ, YJ, two TJ's (still have one here in SD) all with the 4.0 and two CJ's with the 4.2... It is a damn good engine... But I gotta tell ya, I also recently got a 17 JK with my first 3.6, it also has a towing package, so with a 3.70 rear on stock tires, it feels like it's got big balls. It may eventually get out here to the hills to prove its backbone (altho I've run with plenty here in the Jeep club and at the Jamboree). Only have 7,000 miles on it going to the supermarket and malls in Florida so far, but it's been flawless. Should I have a really good month soon ($$$$ wise) there will be a new JL out here, that extra 100hp would be sweet on the long pulls up some of these roads with a trailer especially. I am also not a Chrysler fan, but none to happy with my beloved 12 Tahoe, the dash is cracking ($1000 said'n'done), back bumper paint starting to peel. Wife's 10 Mustang with paint bubbling up on the aluminum hood and cracks in the welt on the rag top, both garaged vehicles.... While I bleed red, white and blue, I may buy something else next go round.
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