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Originally Posted by Minnow View Post
and how do I talk my wife out of this?
You already know the answer to this, so the only real question is which one are you going to buy.

I have a 2012 and a 2017 for the kids and wouldn't drive them everyday or on a long trip for anything. My recommendations: Jeep got a new engine in 2012, so look 2012 or after. Get a 4 door. Get an auto transmission. I like the hard top with T-tops vs. soft tops. Try to stay away from lift kits and big tires, BUT you can get new wheels and the biggest tires that work w/o a lift kit for the fun/cool factor.

I have to admit there is a novelty/fun factor with them and the wife would rather drive one of the Jeeps than her loaded high-end SUV and they (so far) have kept her from buying a G-Wagon (Kardashian/Housewife of anywhere wanna-be) so overall I'm a fan. Not a fan of the new 2018 styling
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