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I own three jeeps, it is an addiction as has been mentioned. All mine are standards and older (2 CJ's and 1 YJ) models. Would buy another if I found the right deal.

Lifting it does stress the drive train and steering system. Most likely has a CV Joint which helps though this will fail quicker than stock jeeps. Would suggest you take it to an alignment shop and have the front end checked over real good as the steering components take a beating with large tires. If they used it for mudding you need to look the frame over real close as they can develop cracks in addition to the rust issues. Look close at all body mounts as these are prone to rust out first.

These things are a life style, and your wife will learn quickly it she enjoys it. You may want to work a deal with the neighbor and let her drive it for a month, she will know if this is what she really wants by then. And be careful you don't get the bug as it can get expensive (Just Empty Every Pocket). If you buy it let me be the first to welcome you to the club.
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