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Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
You wasted 10 minutes of your own time.. I would have told him, I am Mr.(whoever) as you can run my tag. I took my normal route home and sorry you feel otherwise..Have a nice day, I have work to do... I would not have let it gone on that long..
That is basically what I did. My other choice was to go inside and shut the door in his face. My frustration is there is no "respectful" way to tell a LEO that is overstepping his bounds to piss off. At least not that they will consider to be respectful. My main point is there is zero excuse for any LEO once realizing a citizen is in the right to carry the conversation any further. IMO it was his responsibility to leave immediately, and calm down. He proceeded to give me a 10 minute speech, for no reason.....about wasting his time.