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Originally Posted by autobaun70 View Post
It should be....but why did he waste 10 minutes telling me what I "should have done' when in fact I should not have any obligations to do so. His objection to my actions was that it "wasted his time."

Honestly, license checks waste my time. Why should I go out of my way and waste my time, to avoid wasting his? Further, it is very troubling to me when he quickly realized that I was in fact doing nothing illegal or wrong, that he would preach at me about it. Just not something any LEO should ever do. I completely understand why he tracked me down, but it was not like I had pulled in a random driveway and laid down in the seat. He knew 30 seconds in that I was where I was supposed to be, and should have went on his merry way. Had he done so, I would have no issue with him at all.
You wasted 10 minutes of your own time.. I would have told him, I am Mr.(whoever) as you can run my tag. I took my normal route home and sorry you feel otherwise..Have a nice day, I have work to do... I would not have let it gone on that long..
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