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Default Today's Negative LEO Interaction - License Check "Avoidance"

Got home mid afternoon today from the lake. Coming down the main road that feeds my subdivision. There are two entrances, one front, and one back. I live near the back entrance. As I came down the road, I could see a license check up ahead near the front entrance, which is not an uncommon thing at all. The road that leads to the back entrance, which I take every day, is about 300 - 400 yards from the license check. As I normally do, I took it, and went home. Went inside, checked on cats (anyone need a free cat), came back outside and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. Then hopped up into the boat to finishing wiring up my new trim tabs. About the time I got good and crammed inside the console to do the wiring, I hear a car pull up in the driveway. It was one of the license check guys. He starts in on why I "avoided" their license check. As it works out, where I turned was outside of his jurisdiction......the intersection at the front entrance to our subdivision is the cutoff, so they can't post a second LEO on the side road coming in the back, but are evidently allowed to investigate anyone that turns off. I explain that I took my normal route, and live here. He proceeds to "inform me" that I should have gone the long way, so that I could go through the license check. I direct him to my visor where my registration is, and offer my license as proof that I live there. He continues to hark on why I didn't just go through the license check.....and then questioned how much I had been drinking. I politely let him know that I just got home, grabbed a beer, and was working on my boat. He didn't take that much further, but kept harking on and on and on about how I was inconveniencing him and their licence check by "avoiding" it. Just me, but that pisses me off. # 1, its a BS little town that somehow has managed to annex roads outside of their city limits, and # 2, I don't need any speeches regarding me following the law....when I haven't broken the law.

For clarity, this is the layout of how I got to the house.

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