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Tariffs always hurt the consumer and can help the worker. Consumers pay more for imported goods and many times USA made goods as well. The prices we pay for things is based more on what we are willing to pay than the cost of getting the item to the store. If the latter price is too high we do not buy and the item dies.

Consider back in the day, the big three only made full size pickups and had nothing to compete with the smaller Japanese trucks. The government put a 25% tariff on small trucks. This allowed the big three to charge more for their full size pickups as the new Japanese prices were close(r) to the old big three prices and people needed and/or would pay more for the big truck.

Not sure how the workers that made trucks for the big 3 made out, but the consumers that bought small and full size trucks lost out big time. Eventually American workers benefited when the B3 developed their own smaller trucks but the consumers still paid more even after the tariffs were reduced [dropped] as the public had come accustomed to the new price levels.
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