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Originally Posted by Matt B View Post
well said. I don't use my head in the worldcat, but it is important to some. Baitwell seacocks need access.... overhead life preserver access is nice so you don't have far to go and don't taken up other room.

I go to Bahamas, and take a 6 man liferaft. Takes up room and space and is heavy.... nice to plan room for it.

happy for you man. I want to meet Dave and see the whole thing. Have been watching online, between bahamad trips

Thank you! We are happy also. Lol.

Dave is a great guy. If you don't get to check his boat out during the "demo tour" I wouldn't mind showing you mine in the keys.

Dave is all about easy access to things. I'm sure he will, but I'll bring it up next time we speak. I kind of remember speaking about the access hatch in the stern already.