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Default what language does this customer service rep speak?

this was an amazon order, for a household device battery, I am just curious but the terminology used is strange, is the native language chinese or russian?
Dear customer
This is Ada from customer service team from xxxxxx
We learnt some information from your product comment that wrote before. ""manual is about the size of a box of matches?
Hard to read,
and they have instructions for li ion batteries and ni cad but what kind of battery is the one you ordered"

The battery you ordered is Ni-MH battery. This battery is Ni-MH battery, using temperature is -10C~45C, it has a little “memory”, Before practical application, the initial capacity and comprehensive performance of stored battery can be obviously increased after the third charge-discharge cycles.

When it is finished charging or work, please cool it down then begin to use or recharge again.

Storage method: please charge the battery once every 1-2 months once you don’t use it for a long time.

they did not understand "the manual is too small - -I meant you could barely read it.

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