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Default Re: Someone Please Make a Decision for Me... job related

I would tend to lean toward the smaller company as long as they are willing to put some of your desires in writing. The other, and IMO more serious aspect is to look at what the company structure is, if they already have a fairly complete group that you can tell they will be loyal to no mater what, and you are going to be the newcomer, I would be very cautious. I ran into this in my last job, the newer people that could actually keep the business up & running were constantly ignored in favor for the same old crew who had been there for years & knew absolutely nothing about the decisions at hand in many cases. Granted loyalty & experience is a good thing for a business owner to have, but they can't be over loyal to the point of pentalizing themselves or be blindly loyal to certain individuals over others.

On the other hand, I currently work for a very large company, and couldn't be happier. This is simply due to the way the company is structured. We have a complete lack of top heavy management. I am in constant contact with three out of the four people who are above me in position. This sort of communication IMO is key in big business.
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