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Default Re: Someone Please Make a Decision for Me... job related

coastboater - 12/22/2006 1:01 PM

It's hard to help you with your decision without quantifying the difference between "moderate" and "small" amount of travel. Is moderate travel excessive as far as your family goals? From reading your descriptions of the 2 jobs, it seemed to me the first job with the larger company suited your current skillset better, plus you admit you'll make more money. Family time is valuable, but it's also your responsibility to provide that family a lifestyle....
Good luck! It's a decision only you can make.
Coast - I agree which is why I will be accepting the job at the larger of the two companies. The drama is not over yet, I still need the official offer letter which spells out the details. Should have it Tuesday or Wed. If not I will be starting at the smaller company in January.

Good opportunities either way, which I am thankful for.

Thanks for everyones input and Merry Christmas to all.