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Originally Posted by schoolsout1 View Post
My fiancé has a good bit of anxiety...I’m about to buy her a cbd vape pen. May be a thought. She’s not bad, but has had a panic or two and has bad ocd issues, but not bad enough where it is out of control, IMO. More of an annoyance.
Not to be d**k or derail the thread, but a fiancé with panic and OCD issues is trouble for you down the road, especially if you have kids. It's progressive and only gets worse. The negative effects are unimageable and I'd be happy to share my experiences over a phone call. So, to tie this into the OP's thread, my one daughter suffers from anxiety due to my wife's severe OCD. As a manner of fact, at 5:00 am this morning a terrible thunder storm came through and the panic attacks came alive. She woke all up screaming and crying hysterically. Hard for me to understand as I don't have a lot of patience!