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My oldest son (22) had a collection of problems that lead me to kicking him out on the street. He spent time with friends, then my mother (500 miles away), then my father (local) which is where I thought he'd ended up from the start. (FWIW: EVERYONE in our extended family agreed it was the only way to get through to him).

Anyway, due to the forced change put on him he finally agreed to spend time in counseling and was eventually diagnosed with a form of Autism/Aspergers. While it sucks to think your "perfect" kid has an issue, it's really helped as we learn more about it and how to deal with how HE thinks. He's moved back in my house, attending a "computer specific" college and regularly seeing a counselor without being forced to go. You've got a long road ahead and I wish you the best. Stick to professionals and be willing to see different ones as they really specialize in many different areas of expertise. We were fortunate that the first 2 he went to see eventually directed us into other counselors better suited for his needs.
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