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Thank you all for the support via this thread and pm's. It is gratifying to know there are others that have dealt and are dealing with type of issue. From my point of view she has it all, good look, smart, kind generous never wanted for anything and my personality is very different from hers so I have trouble understanding what the problem could possibly be. My friend is the psychiatrist that saw her when my wife and I where struggling with this last weekend - he saw her as a friend of mine and at a moment's notice so he is not the long-term answer for her but helped in a pinch. We will be seeking more help this week. Like I said earlier I just want my kids to be happy and it kills me to see this without being able to come up with an answer quickly. I think the worst and hope for the best. We'll get through this and thank everyone once again - your support and advice and prayers do mean a lot.
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