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I am no expert and I know there are many many causes for panic attacks. But I am the father of an anxious 16 yo son. It doesnít sound like to the same degree as your daughter, but he couldnít handle scooping ice cream as a summer job last year. He was bad.

Getting him him away from the phone and electronics seems to help him. Itís not the end all be all, but it seems to allow him to come alive. I also have been working out with him, which seems to take the edge off him. He now goes to the gym by himself daily. That got him out of a funk enough to apply for a lifeguard job at a water park. He crushed the test, and is up to 3 saves this year. Overall he has some swagger and seems happier. Not that he doesnít still have his moments, but he is a lot better. His anxiety is to the point he can go out with friends without the breakdown and bailing at the last minute. It wasnít one thing but a bunch of little things building over time.

I know now a lot of this can be chemical too, which none of this would help (except maybe the excercise a little). Just my experience and hope it helps.
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