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Default Anyone have a child with debilitating anxiety? at whits end..

I know it's a fishing forum but I am at whit's end trying to understand what my daughter is experiencing. She's a beautiful 17 y.o., very intelligent, friendly but always has been reserved and quiet. For the past three years she has had sporadic panic attacks during some stress-full school-related times but they seemed to go away fairly quickly and they were triggered by some identifiable issues. Recently she has left 2 summer jobs after suffering what I would call full blown panic attacks (crying, scratching, skin rashes, repeatedly bumping into walls) when faced with going to her part time job. She has been to counseling for a year and most recently been to a psychiatrist who put her on some meds which we all hoped would help but tonight we had another melt down and she could not go to work. I am at a complete loss - I want my kids to be happy, she's a year away from going to college and it seems she will not be able to handle it. SHe is depressed and sad and I don't know what to do, I just have never had to deal with something like this and am ill equipped to help her. Has anyone been through this???
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