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Originally Posted by hjorgan View Post
I have 2017 300APs (twins). I have a spare right-rotating prop. Can you share the part number and cost of the gizmo to make the starboard engine right-rotating? So is can use the one spare prop as a get-back option?
The beauty of this set up is if you have it set up as a left rotation now all you have to do is remove the counter plug and it will become a right rotation. Anytime you want to remove or replace these plugs make sure the batteries are off so no power is going to the motors, swap the plugs or remove them and once you power it back up they will automatically recognize the new rotation. The default is standard, no plug in will achieve this. The standard plug is simply a cap to keep it sealed up and clean, the counter plug is a wire that makes a loop in the connection, nothing fancy.
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