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Default RE: T-Top floor mount repair advice requested


1. Is it a cored floor or solid fiberglass?
2. Are the screws going all the way through so that some of the screw is hanging between the deck and hull.

If you are drilling into a cored deck, you must swab the clean holes with a hardener and let it cure. Also, I have seen some screws stop in the middle of the core if they are too short. Make sure your screws are long enough to go all the way through the floor and a little beyond.

Either way, cored or solid, inject the holes with epoxy resin/hardener mixed with a filler to make a paste.

Cover the screw threads with the resin paste and screw them in making sure the screw penetrates about .5-1.0 inches below the deck, especially if it is a cored deck. All of this will bond together and the resin on the bottom of the screw will act like a lock nut on the bottom side.

Not as good as backing plates but it prevents you from pulling out the saw. You will need:

West 105 Resin
West 206 Hardener
West 404 HD Adhesive filler
You may need the cheap West mini-pump system and a few plastic syringes.

Good Luck,