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Default Re: T-Top floor mount repair advice requested

Cracker, you would think that this would be a simple fix, however, screws have a way of working out of fiberglass that flexes even when secured with 5200 or epoxy. I've gone thru this same ordeal and found that my best success for a permanent fix was using a toggle bolt. I did use 4200 on the 'nut or toggle' portion to secure it to the underside of the deck and put a release compound on the bolt so I could remove it if needed. I replaced the bolt with one that had a head that matched the foot of the tower and I used a marine silicone (GE I think) to seal everything including using it as a threadlocker, after cleaning off the release agent. It has held up well over the last 3 years with no movement. What gets me is that some boats get by with just plain old self tapping screws and some require extreme fasteners. I found my SS toggle bolts at a local hardware store near the coast. Good luck, Frank