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Default RE: T-Top floor mount repair advice requested

It sounds like you have a problem with the integrity of the floor. I too have a Seacat with a t-top. It is a hard top and very heavy. It is also mounted with sheetmetal screws intpo the fiberglass floor without any type of backing plate. It mounts to the floor in the front and to the console in the aft. The screws in my boat are fast to the floor and the legs do not move but when I push on the top the floor will actually gives. The screws do not pull out of the floor and actually tighten up without stripping but the top will move quite a lot due to the floor flexing. I think the screws willl eventually come loose.
Unless the person installing the top drilled holes too large this sounds like the floor is in question.

I was thinking of cutting an access cover, deck plate, into the floor in close prox. to the t-top leg to gain access so I can place a backing plate under the floor. We did this on a friend's Grady for the same reason. It worked well. This will also serve as a inspection access to the bilge if ever needed.

The last option is to have the wooden floor replaced. This is also an option I am entertaining. If anybody knows what the cost might be and also the success rate of such operation please chine in

Good luck