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Default RE: T-Top floor mount repair advice requested

Is there any way to access the back side of where they connect to the floor? If so, then you can put in threaded backing plates (best) or bigazz fender washers with stout bolts.

If there isn't presently a way to get your arm down there to access the back side, then I would consider cutting a hole for where the new stereo speakers or in-side tackle station will be installed, and using that new hole for access to install the backing plates. And if there's zero access to that spot, because of a bulkhead or something, then you can consider epoxying in tee nuts inside oversized holes. Not as pretty, but that may be the easiest solution if you do it yourself.

Have you takled to the local guy that built the top about servicing his installation? He may have a quick and easy (for you) solution.