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Default Re: Someone Please Make a Decision for Me... job related

You know what, I've worked two full time jobs working my tail off to support four house holds, I have gratification but I am not wealthy. In saying that, my house is paid for yet I have debt, so what, I'm a happy man..........isn't that what it's all about? Sure it would be nice to have money to blow like many here on the forum, but the Misses and I do alright......I always buy the best of the best.

If the smaller of the two job offers pays the bills I'd go for being at home. IMO it has nothing to do with how strong your marriage is with the Admiral, it has everything to do with you and the kids.......some things money just CAN NOT buy!

If I were to go with the smaller employer, before I committed, I'd hash out an aggressive incentive plan for myself and have it put in writing. IMO, there is nothing worse then working my but off for empty promises. Personally, I think you could probably end up making more money at the smaller place if you work things out properly in the first place!

Hey are you the guy that had problems with the car while signing an employment deal last year?

edit:.........I don't know about you, but I know what I'm worth; I'm worth a lot!!!!! I know I can bring top shelf to the table and then some more........I'd hit them hard on a deal and I wouldn't back down! I wouldn't back down because I know what I'm worth!!!!!!!! You are all of that aren't yah!