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Default Re: Someone Please Make a Decision for Me... job related

I like the prospects of an small startup. You can set the market and work it from the ground up, very exciting! I have worked for a very large pharmaceutical company for 10 years and a large corporation is nice, bennys and salary but my efforts were never seen or felt. I never had that pride in a good days work! I am in IT. I was layed off in Feb '05 and have been working as a contractor for smaller companies. Now when I do something I can see the results and come home to my family a happier person. Wife and a 3 year old son like me better comming home feeling better. I guess it all depends on what YOU will be happier with, money is nice but self satisfaction is all the world to me. Big companies do make me a drone. I never would have found that out until I was layed off. I was a company man, so I thought, until I looked at the grass on the other side.

You decide and please make sure you are happy with the decision......Smaller, stale company and build it like you would want!
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