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Default Someone Please Make a Decision for Me... job related

Left my job of 13 years to move to a small company this time last year. Small company did not work out and my last day will be 12/31.

I have two offers I am very interested in.

The first one is a sales positions with a giant transportation company. Right up my alley and i can slide into it easily, know the accounts and verticle market contacts. Great benefits and the potential to make a good amount of dough. A moderate amount of travel including overseas travel.

The second one is with a smaller but very stable company that has alot to offer, similar pay and benny's. Starting from scratch with the whole northeast open to me. I have some contacts but not enough to give me a great jmp start. My potential boss knows and understands this and have been given the assurances in writing that I will have the time to build the territory. He stated he wants me on board. Commission would potentially be smaller due to smaller sales numbers. A small amount of travel.

I have two young kids and like my free time.

I know no one can make the decison but me but maybe THT has some insight