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My wife had a X-5d from 2012-2015 and then we leased a 2015 X-5 x-drive gas version. Both were great cars but the diesel clearly got 80-100 miles more per tank. We never used ECO mode or the start stop option same on the diesel. The 20” tires in the front got eaten up by 9,000 miles on the diesel. After complaining about that they replaced all the tires due to defect and sent them back. No other issues to 35,000 miles.
The gas X-5 has been just as good but the diesel one had a few more options that she missed. Real leather, surround cameras, seat comfort package and the built in rear shades.
The lease is up at the end of August so we may turn it in next month or wait until the end. My contact there said to wait until July because the residuals and money factors should be better next month. When they announce a new model is coming out they offer better deals.