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Bmw's cpo program is not as good as it used to be. You now only get one year of warranty beyond the factory warranty.

As for the diesel, I'm pretty familiar with it. It's the same engine in the sedan (which is what I had--just traded it, actually) except for a different egr setup. The different setup meant the x5 was less prone to carbon build up than the sedans. The SCR tanks were notoriously problematic but BMW extended the warranty to 100k so those are no longer an issue. The same is true for the NOx sensors. The vacuum lines, harmonic balancer, and guibo are a few other known weak points that will need replacing. Other than that, there are very strong. People regularly "delete" them and see 400hp/600ft lbs without issue.

That said, for the years you mentioned, I believe you are talking about two different engines. For the x5, I think it was 2015 or 2016 that they switched to a single turbo setup. That engine was slightly less powerful, a bit more laggy and had a slightly weaker valve train. The newer ones are less desirable for tuning but see to be more reliable for everyday purposes.