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Originally Posted by bjm9818 View Post
My wife just purchased a Ď18 gas X5. Car is nice but for mid 60ís you with think leather seats would be standard. They sold her a ďdemoĒ
model that when she test drive had 230 miles on it. The sales man needed to take the car home for the weekend to get to 300 so it would qualify for a demo sale. They included 4 years warranty plus a 5th year of unlimited miles.

Car moves pretty good and all the features are great as long as they donít break. Ergonomically not the most comfortable car Iíve driven but she likes it so i really donít care.

Personaly i I would have gone the GC Hemi and left some $$ in my pocket but thatís just me. Car has 3500 miles on it so way to early to give any kind of durability report.
She actually drives a GC currently.