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Default Re: A Basin is calling.

OK, just a few more.

The East Lift.

The mountains are part of the Continental Divide. The lift elevation is 12,700 feet, I think. Great ride down from there.

The West Lift.

Palavichini is correct. Ding ding. We have a winner. Skibumů.
Named for similar terrain in the Alps. I found out later there was one blue run down. The rest were black and more diamonds than a jewelry store. Talk about pucker time.

Yep, I had to stick one of me in here.

The neck brace was from cervical spine surgery 8 months prior. It also works well to keep your neck warm. The parka I won at the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge a few days earlier.
I have 177 Rossi Freeride X. I think they are in the Bandit series. Really good All Mountain ski that works for me.