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I grew up in dragboats including family that ran topfuel, I've piloted several bass boats and other single engine outboards well over 100mph. Many guys that race on land call boat racers the true nuts. But these TT racers, those guys are a special breed... of WHAT I'm not sure! Doing 150-200 on a bike is one thing, doing it down a twisty, narrow, building/spectator/rockwall lined road is entirely another level of insanity! I've owned and ridden many powerful bikes but hanging it out like those guys for that long, it's not so much a race as it is an event of survival. Two dead in the last few days including one that was raised and lived there?

As American's we simply cannot fathom such a deadly event. Lawsuits and any host of "anti-reasons" would've stopped such a race many years ago here in America. BUT as morbid as it may seem, it's refreshing and strangely reassuring that at least SOMEWHERE on this planet, man isn't protected from himself by govts., laws and naysayers whims. This race truly is "the razors edge" and obviously there are a few who still wish to dance on that edge and many more who want to sit inches away and watch the spectacle.

Cool... crazy but cool!

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