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It's roughly 325~350 miles? (round trip), between here & Where I go into Durham, I also have to go get the Dye/MRI "near Duke", done then to the doctors office at Brier creek..
There & back, In between I don't know..(If I happen to be admitted)..
My vehicle gets roughly 20 MPG highway, 16 city..
that's straight up I-40 from Wilmington, then I-40 proper, exit 285? into Durham...(I've heard there's been a lot of "road work" in the area(s) right around there so I DO NOT know what to expect..)
Current Gas prices are @ 2.76 here in Wilmington... in 26 days who knows..
I'll leave the calculations to you..
My "paypal" ## address is (at paypal )
Thanks & God Bless you sir..
(I tried to get the calculations close as possible)
Sincerely David..