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Originally Posted by gumpire View Post
Sorry to hear about your woes..

i bet your wife will be able to stay in your hospital room... ask...
Not sure about Dukes Hospitals Policies.. I'll call & ask tomorrow...
At ANY Rate...
I receive SSA, (no food stamps, NO other .Fed Government benefits) just the insurance that comes with it..
All things being Equal, anyone knows that RENT, here in Wilm. N.C. is , OMG.... Lets say, skyrocketed in the last few years..
I'm on a very tight "budget".. After rent/Lights/Utilities, SCREW the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority ! , I Barley scrape by every month..
We "cut the cable cord" reducing outgoing bills at every possible avenue.. (except internet We are on the Lowest tier..) Which I kept because Step-daughter needs it for "CFCC", (She (WAS) ,, taking classes to become a X-Ray tech).. AND NO She don't have a Job either.. Just recently moving out earlier last month... (INTO/With her GIRL FRIEND up near Raleigh,,.. UUUUGGGGHHHHH) (yeah that), wasn't "aware until "it" Happened"... (I often wondered WHY She didn't have "boyfriends"), Came as a complete surprise to ME and the Misses.. OMG...
No Misses doesn't work, She had a STROKE right about this time last year..
I'm "lucky" to have 40.00 extra dollars per month for Fishing.. NO, I've NOT been fishing all year yet!
AND have to "renew" MY DL's on Monday... that's 40.00 right there, (thanks N.C.)..
Anyhoo, If ANYONE is inclined to help at least with Gas expenses,, It HONESTLY, I would would be GREATLY, thankful.. I did the MapQuest guess-a-mate thing... Round trip,, is about, (with current Gas prices) about 100.00.. So I'm NOT trying to "scam" anyone.. I just absolutely NEED to make this trip there & back...