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Exclamation So heres a question..cordis trapeze ivc filter

I Messaged the Mod(s) on this, I've yet to receive a response.. (Maybe they are "over-worked/booked").. Asking permission..
So I'm going to post..
Some of you Folks MAY very well know what's going on , it maybe happening to YOU...

I had a Optiease ICV filter "inserted/installed" back in the Late 2000(s)..
My understanding it was to be "retrieved" upon response to blood thinners, AKA Warfarin (Rat poison).. My understanding recently,
Only thing it DID NOT get removed, or anything by the "Doctors" Vascular Surgeon(s) here in My area..
I HAD TO get a FOIA request to get the Medical records on this "particular" procedure & WHAT exactly they had inserted into My body.. I obtained recently
Hence My NOW newly found knowledge, of exactly what is inside My Vena Cava..
NO Vascular Surgeons here in Wilmington , NC will touch Me with a ten foot pole..
In fact in front of My Family, While admitted into New Hanover hospital, I was told too my face,
I will NOT do any procedures on you as it will be a bloody mess
Then , released from the hospital with instructions to go to Duke Hospital..
My "Doc" up there Did NOT know what he was dealing with the first time...
NOW, I have the "records" to give Him to Hopefully know what to do, or treatment..
Seems this filter, was one of many, with a Label for "surgeons", only it is inserted/installed BACKWARDS & there's been at least 2 recalls on these..
Links here.. research more on your own.. --> cordis trapeze ivc filter
I know of least 2 recalls, I was never notified..
So here I sit,, in so much pain it's crazy, Since the 'Special friends" thing I participated in ,, My "legs & feet" have "blowed up"..
I almost cannot walk, (hardly) , even with My legs "elevated" and compression stockings on..
I have a appointment at Duke Hospital, I strongly suspect I'll be admitted for treatment, ASAP..
I have insurance, thank the Lord..
Though here is My pickle...
I NEED to get there, using My own transportation.. (With My Misses as She isn't going to set at the house while this is going on)
I HOPE you Guys (and Gals can understand this)
So I'm asking for a "rattle" in My Tin cup in gas funds & Possibly a Hotel stay for My Misses While I HOPEFULLY get "fixed"..

I'm NOT a "begger" but I've tried to sell a number of things, (like computer parts) it isn't going well, or Folks want "something for nothing"... (Like My brand new house generator).. I paid 800.00 for yet getting quotes like 300, (Or less), or so.. I'm NOT going for that neither is the Misses.. not with .04 hours on it..
I'll post the Appointment sheet & a picture of what My legs & feet look like..
I'm NOT trying to "scam" anyone..
I need to make this appointment.. Gas & parking "fees" for Duke & possibly a Hotel stay for the Misses as I get treatment..
YES, I tried churches/social services and the like, and NO Help there...
I want to get back fishing/gardening/taking care of My yard etc,, getting My health back!
My PayPal address is "", feel free to just drop a dollar or 2 or ten..
MODS I DiD send a message & ask
Docs & picture attached..

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