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Default Inverter Generators

I clearly understand the benefits of an inverter generator, but have some questions. For my power needs, a pair of Honda EU2200i's in parallel would be ideal. Researching whole house generators however, you can buy an 8KW natural gas unit for around the same cost, plus they typically include a transfer switch. The nice thing about the whole house version, is with the transfer switch and automatic switch-over, if I'm not home during the outage, I'll have back-up power keeping my fridge running until I get home.

The question I have is, I don't see that these whole house generators are inverter technology, or at least it's not called out in the literature. Does that imply that they do not utilize inverter technology? If not, do they have the same technology as a typical generator? I know Honda makes some generators with DAVR (digital automatic voltage regulation), so I don't know if perhaps the whole house generators have some sort of power management or not. I would imagine DAVR is likely in between a regular generator and inverter generator for power quality.
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