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You won't regret it.....we started with a Play 5 for the kitchen/main living area, then added a Play 1 to the bathroom, the another Play 1 for my office, then another Play 1 for the garage and just last week, bought what I think will be our final Play 1 for the pool/back deck area (it stays inside, but is on an extension cord so it can be pulled outside when used). I found that grouping the all together was not such a good idea for us as when you turn one on, they all come on....but we did put them all on the same station so you can just walk in a room, hit a button and you have music and if two are being used at the same time, they are on the same song, but there can be a 1-2 second delay between each one. I'm not a big electronics guy and not that much into TV, so probably won't get the sound bar and all that stuff.....but the others are convenient and sound great, at least for our purposes.