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Originally Posted by snagged line View Post
Too bad that two posters here didn't have a Grandpa teach them how to operate a small Jon Boat....... I imagine they would Freak out ro see you reach down and pull that Rubber plug while underway cuz everybody knows that a boat will sink instantly with that plug out.
Hmmmm.... I thought you were SUPPOSED TO pull that while underway. How are you going to get that water out otherwise? (Or at least, that was the case with my ancient v-hull.)

As to the hydrostatic pressure, while that is technically correct, since rubber expandable plugs are generally used on smaller boats, even when fully loaded and sitting still, that drain isn't that far under water, so that pressure is insufficient to "blow out" a reasonably tightened plug, and while underway, as Mr. SL stated earlier, the pressure balance is actually pushing it in.
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