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Default Please Explain a Garboard Drain

I am about to the point in my project where I will need to go ahead and install a drain in the transom - mostly so I can wash the inside of the hull out as I grind old stringer tabbing down. Rather than an aluminum or brass tube with a rubber stopper, I wanted to use a bronze drain with a screw in plug like is in my old Hydra Sports. However, when I search, all I can find is something called a "Garboard Drain". However, these things do not have any sort of pipe to get through the transom - just a 3/8" or so neck. Is this what is used, or am I missing the screw plugged drains somehow? If this is it, how does it get through two inches of transom? Confused.

If I can't have a bronze drain with a screw in plug, should I just go with the brass pipe and rubber expansion plug? I will be using it in salt water, but trailering - in and out same day.

The same thing seems to be true with the seacocks I can find. They appear to be just a flange and valve, without the "through-hull" part. Should I just use a threaded through hull and put a ball valve on it?
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