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I'll preface the following by saying that I am completely in favor protecting and improving a natural resource jewel like the Chesapeake Bay. I fish it often and have a personal vested interest in improving it's quality. However.......

The CBF is a non-profit organization with some very well compensated staff. And an agenda. Like most non-profits, their agenda is not served by reporting peaches & cream.,-md--cl

Additionally, their TMDL model has some serious holes in it. For example, their scorecard only credits farmer's efforts if they have applied for traceable grant monies. Significant untold acres of farmland are in no-till production and/or cover crop rotation without ever being factored into CBF's "report card". Until their basis for grading in the report card is based on reality, I personally have a hard time lending much weight to it.

IMO some of their efforts and methodologies are mis-guided. Maybe even self-serving. And certainly not cognizant of the ramifications on personal property rights and the balance of the equally important greater good of affordable food and housing.

And then there's always...... follow the money....