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Hello THT, its that time of year again when Suzuki considers price increases, unfortunately this year we cannot escape it. They have already announced that starting July1 there will be a 2% price increase on most models and that the white motors will have a bigger surcharge over the black motors. If anyone is seriously considering a Suzuki repower then now is the time, as long as we have a contract with deposit in June so we can allocate a motor or motors to you then we can honor current pricing. In order for us to allocate motors to you we must have them in stock(which we currently have about 100) or be able to get them shipped before June 30 so we can have you a serial number. The boat does not have to be rigged before June 30 just a contract with deposit then we can work out the logistics of install. We are currently running about 7-10 days out from starting any new repowers. My yard can handle 20-25 boats at a time and my crew of 10 installers is working overtime to get them all done in a timely manner and keep the rotation going, those that have been to my shop know that the boat shuffle never stops around here.

Give us a call at 954-942-9898 or email for a quote.
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