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Originally Posted by Buoy Scout View Post
Hospice is paid by Medicare and is for the last 90 days of life. She likely did not have hospice for two years, though I suppose she might have surprised them and lived longer than they expected? Hospice is daily or several times/week visit by a nurse to administer palliative care to the terminally ill. Usually, morphine. If you want someone to stay overnight, then yeah, it's on your nickel.
90 days is not true. My mother was on Hospice for 7 months and when she went into the program, no one said she only has 3 months so we will take her. They took her knowing she could be around for a while, a lot longer than 90 days.
A good friend's aunt was in the Alzheimers unit at a nursing home. She was on Hospice for over 2 years. Again, no one said her time was near so she qualifies.
For actual details, I highly suggest talking to Hospice. They were a Godsend for my mom. We can't say enough good things about the nurse and aide that took care of her.

I'm pretty sure there was a 90 day period that Bouy Scout mentioned, but that was done away with years ago.

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