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Default Memorial Day 2019 trip.g

Want to plan a nice trip for my bride and I next year. All options were talked about and my bride wants to celebrate next Memorial Day in Washington DC.

The criteria we will be sticking to is listed below, what I need is help from those that travel a lot and know how to get the best deals, both airlines and hotels.

Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated, and would help other as well, not just me!

* Round-Trip First class flights from Sanford...
Best days fly out and back for price?
Best First class airlines?
Any difference between Orl or Jax for price.

* Staying within DC proper...
* Best Hotel choices within walking distance of most everything?
* Must go to eateries? No touristy crap.....ex: Old Ebbits......Way overpriced, crappy food and service
* Great Rooftop bars? Know only 1, must be others.

Gonna be getting tickets for everything from my sis & brothers, so that's covered. Will be talking to them as well for advise, but also want the collectives idea's and opinions as well, you folks have never steered me wrong!

Budget is still open to debate, so not worrying about how that just now.

Thanks everyone!

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