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Originally Posted by semperfifishing View Post

If you go to Sequoia...also go to Kings Canyon...
I was looking at some stuff on King's Canyon. Looks pretty cool. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Saltydawg15 View Post
Would hit Wine country before going to the park.
We aren't wine drinkers so I think that would be wasted on us.
Originally Posted by aln View Post
Yosemite is reservation only.
Try the beach chalet for lunch on the great highway and check out ocean beach
Ft Point under the south approach of the gg bridge is a cool civil war era ft with million dollar views of the bridge and bay.
Embarcadero and ferry terminal market is pretty cool.
Dizzy around gg park
Cross the bridge and exit to Marin headlands for billion dollar views.
Muir Woods is reservation only.
To see redwoods and bigger trees than Muir, go to Armstrong Woods in Guerneville about 1.5hr north.

We are definitely going to the Golden Gate Bridge, if for nothing else but to say we did. I find big construction amazing.

Originally Posted by kennyboy View Post
Rent a Harley/BMW/Goldwing and do it on wheels
My wife ain't havin' it.

Thanks for all the replies so far.
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