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Originally Posted by rickpcfl View Post
Is there a reason you are choosing Sequoia over Yosemite? I've been to both and I think Yosemite has a wider variety of scenery and has some breathtaking views - plus it is closer to San Francisco. Sequoia has a few trees that are bigger than what you would see at Yosemite, but I think the trade off makes Yosemite a better choice.
When I was a kid I saw a picture of a car driving through a tree and I was fascinated that a tree could be that big. So, no really solid reason other than that. I guess it's just a sight to see in that area. I'll look into Yosemite. Thanks.
Originally Posted by dr_bw View Post
Oh man you are going to love it. SF is my favorite big city. So much to do and you really cannot go wrong. Easy to get around on BART and trolley cars. If you want to go iconic, consider the Westin St. Francis. Definitely ride the street cars, go down to the wharf. Walk along the water starting at Ghirardelli Square, past Fisherman's Wharf at North Beach, down the Embarcadero, ending at Rincon Park. Stop anywhere and have a bread bowl full of chowder. In the evening, head to Crissy Field and watch the windsurfing and kiteboarding. Do a bike or segway tour over the Golden Gate bridge, or just do it yourself. Once over the bridge head down to Sausalito, it's a neat little town. Definitely go check out Muir woods while you are on that side.

This goes without saying, but be a tourist and go to Alcatraz. It's an amazing experience. If you like history it's worth the trip. Also go walk through Chinatown and, if you are daring, go eat at any suspect looking restaurant and you probably won't be disappointed. To this day the best hot and sour soup I've ever eaten was served in a place that I had to descend a dank, dark staircase to find.

Have fun!
Alcatraz and the wharf are on the list.

Originally Posted by Octane View Post
We stayed in downtown San Fran. Took the trolley down to fishermans wharf and spent the day looking around. Another day we went to the Muir Woods and the third day we went to I believe it was Fairfield, CA and did a factory tour of the Budweiser plant and Jelly Belly plant. That was pretty neat. As places to eat go just expect to pay twice what you are used to. And the biggest thing to remember is bring plenty of clothes. Most days it is chilly and foggy a lot of times because of the bay. Drive inland 20 miles and it is way warmer.
Been on Bud tour in Tampa. I hate jelly beans so not much appeal to me. Thanks for the tip on the weather. I looked at average temps and it didn't seem too bad but fog would definitely change that.