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hahaha. I got to the dock the other day and there was this guy and his son who were attempting to launch what appeared to be a new jet ski for the little spoiled one.
I noticed that dad barely got the trailer tires wet when junior jumped up on the machine and macho dad was attempting to push the machine and son off the trailer, which mind you, was barely in enough water . I suggested that he lower the trailer a little more and it would help him float it off the trailer. So he backed it up just a tad more....I guess he didnt want to get his ankles wet (LOL). So he finally get sonny boy and the machine off the trailer, but they have no dock lines so junior is about to float away. I offered my two older dock lines I keep on board for emergencies, and I got a look from him like "we dont need your advice or gear...we got it". The reluctantly took them but before they could secure the jet ski, sonny boy had already started the machine and was throttling straight into the dock with his new toy.
I got out of there before they did something REAL stupid, but I tell you -some folks are better off without help - Let Darwin do his thing
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