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Originally Posted by FL Bill View Post
When I am bored I will look up old post on THT. I might be digging for repair info or maybe customization ideas. Why do people start a post and not "close" it? Or conclude it...know what I mean?

I'm a professional automotive technician. As such I am member of a lot of repair sites. Some for professionals only. When you post a "help me" or "WWYD" post follow it up with the fix or what you ended up doing!

THT is a great resource and as I read some of the old post I am continuously disappointed to find post after post from ALONG time ago that people were asking for help and never shared what fixed the issue. Or they just bought a boat and posted one time to find an answer and never posted again. There should be a rating system on here so people who contribute and share great ideas can get the credit they deserve! Maybe that is asking too much...but you get the idea. lol

But for real....

Post title says "my HPDI will not plane" 20 people post follow up questions and ideas and the OP answers a FEW questions (or none) and NEVER says if he got it running and what was wrong. This type of post should start with Year of engine, size of engine and the make and size of boat. (and model too)

Turns out the JA had a 40hp on a 25' deep v... No wonder he could not get on a plane... (okay, that was my sad attempt at humor...and yes I made that up)

But for real. People are taking the time to answer you and maybe you hope that your post will help others, well then, tell us what was the fix!

Okay...small rant over...


FL Bill
I'm with you, I was going to start a thread about just generally getting back to people who have reached out to help in order to give them some love and close out the topic!

Say thanks and let them know what was the solution to whatever problem you were posting...
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