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Default Ever do a good deed for no appreciation?

So my son, best friend, and I were coming into the bay from the sound and over to port is a flipped Hobie Cat. I could immediately tell it was 2 women and they were struggling so we head over and offer our assistance. The boss of the two assured me they did not need our help, but the other woman was very tired and floundering in the water. She had a life-jacket so all was good there. She said they had been turned over for a while and could we please help them. The boss had an idea of how to right the boat but was facing the wrong way. The boss was on the boat and was instructing the other to lift up on the mast so she could use her weight to flip it up, but they were facing down wind. There was no way I was leaving so I basically told the boss to quit barking orders at the struggling lady and "chill out". I tossed the lady a line and we rotated the boat 180 and I told her to join her partner on the side of the boat. She barely had the strength to get out of the water. I told them I was going to ease up to the mast and my son was going to reach down with our dock hook and lift the mast up and out of the water and to be ready for it to flip when the wind caught the sail. She yelled back "don't hit my boat". It righted just as planned and we were on our way. We were thanked by the tired one but the other said nothing. I should have loaded the tired one and left the other B****!!!!

I will not repeat what my friend (Army Airborne) said LOL!!!

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