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Originally Posted by Badbagger View Post
Diesels engines operate at 1800 RPM. The propane genset engines run at 3600 RPM, are air cooled and use an aluminum block and the maintenance costs are considerably higher and the lifespan is considerably shorter than diesel. The maintenance on the propane gensets are considerably higher due to wear in those engines means you have to change the oil every 100 hours. Diesel gensets require an oil change every 500 hours. To put this into perspective if you had an extended power outage, do you want to worry about an oil change every 4 running days or every 20 ruPersonally I wouldn't want to have to change oil on a generator is the middle of a week long plus outage. The life expectancy of a diesel genset is about 20,000 hours, the propane is about 10,000 hours. Look at what a generator costs to run for one day. A $5000.00 Propane Generator / 3000 hours life x 24 hours = $40.00 a day A $10,000.00 Diesel Generator / 20,000 hours life x 24 hours = $12.00 a day.
Fuel cost, here is where the DIFFERENCE really is if you want to toss everything else out the window. As of April 1st, the average residential price per gallon of propane was $4.70. A propane genset will use just about 4 gallons per hour X 24 hours totals $451.20. During an extended 7 day power outage you are looking at $451.20 per day X 7 days or $3,158.40 in FUEL alone. DIESEL, the current average price per gallon based on a Google search is $3.21. Dieesl gensets burn on average 1.3 gallons per hour X 24 hours based on the $3.21 = $100.08 per day X 7 days $700.56. You could run the diesel genset for a full month for what it will cost you to run the propane genset for one week.
Your fuel cost are a little skewed.
20kw natural gas only burns 3.6 at full load 2.1 at 1/2 load.
10kw NG looking at under 2gal/hr at full load. Probably closer to 1gal/hr at 1/2 load
20kw diesel burns 1.8 at full and probably 1/2 that at idle
10kw diesel much less.

Also so for a home use unless you live in the worst place possible you will never come close to reaching the average hour lifespan before either unit rust out completely.
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